PARK ONE Sydney Macquarie Park Presale

PARK ONE • Sydney Macquarie Park • Presale
Time : 2pm 17 Sep 2016
Address: C1, 63 Shoreline Dr, Rhodes
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Introduction of Park One

has been designed to respond to the varying conditions and amenity of the site. A familial approach to the towers has been used to create a cohesive architecture that is simple, with evocative curved forms that accentuate the corners and create breaks to the facade. The highly articulated buildings, together with an activated street frontage develop a cohesive response to the site that is both recognizable and contextually appropriate.
A variety of apartment typologies have been designed to take advantage of the sites city and district views and also create high amenity to all apartments with maximizing north facing apartments overlooking the landscaped courtyard. Street entry apartments along Byfeild Street offer activation along the street edge.
To enhance the residential experience the Level 19 Sky terrace brings the residents to another realm to enjoy the vistas with BBQ and seating integrated to provide program that can be used all year round.

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PARK ONE -Sydney Macquarie Park